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Welcome to a yoga class where the practitioner will be guided and helped towards the inner experience from start to finish. We’ll use different elements of the Hatha yoga practice such as asana, pranayama and chanting as tools for this journey.

Asana, the body movements, helps our physical dimension to align and relax, releasing excess stress and tension from the body. At the same time the physical postures are designed to aid the health of all the physiological systems.

Pranayama, the traditional breathing practices which form the core of Hatha yoga, use the breath to have a beneficial effect on the body’s energy systems. Pranayama works at a physical, psychological and spiritual level making it one of the most powerful tools for growth within yoga.

Chanting and working with the element of sound gives another excellent platform and support for bringing calmness and clarity into the mind. This prepares us for the rest of our yoga practices while also being full of it’s own benefits.

Sara and Guy are two of the most experienced and skilled pranayama teachers in Europe. They have both studied extensively with classical pranayama master Sri O.P Tiwari and have been authorized by him to teach.

Sara was a senior teacher at Samahita Retreat under Paul Dallaghan, growing and learning from him. Today she writes and runs teacher training courses in Sweden with the help of her husband Guy. Guy started his relationship to yoga in an academic setting with a university degree in Indian religions and Buddhism.

They both started their practice within the method of Ashtanga Vinyasa and have since then broadened their understanding of physical yoga by studying with teachers like Richard Freeman, Chuch Miller and Dona Holleman. Through their influence, Sara and Guy’s approach is moving beyond physical practice and refining the relationship between body, breath and mind. Increasingly they are spending time in Buddhist meditation and mindfulness retreats, bringing the wisdom gained from this back into their yoga teaching